Valet Keyless Instructions

by Daniel Westlake

Certain cars have a keyless valet system on them as an option, which allows you to open your car without using a key for easier and quicker access. These systems are easy to use, come in many forms and are expensive to replace.

Operating Instructions

The keyless valet systems are rather simple to use, as they have the main system installed on the car itself, which reacts to a remote which you keep on your keychain. These remote systems allow you to do a number of thing to your car from a distance, by offering a series of buttons with corresponding symbols. These buttons will lock and unlock the car, pop the trunk and arm or unarm an alarm. Many of these systems also come with a panic alarm button, which will set off the horn on your car to scare off anyone near you or your car, or help you find it in a huge parking lot.

Different Types of Valet Keys

These valet keys also come in many different types. Some come as a separate remote with an actual, "old-fashioned" key, which is also put on your key chain, so that your car is only opened with a remote but started with a separate key. This is for security purposes. Many of these newer types of valet keys come with the remote and key all as one package, with the metal key and corresponding teeth coming out of the end of the remote. Other keys simply relay the message to the car by being in your pocket, so that you can walk up to the door and it will unlock for you, as well as start with the push of a button.

Cost of Keys

These valet keys are often quite expensive, however, so it is important to hold onto them. Just replacing or copying these keys alone can cost a couple hundred dollars sometimes, as they have to be programmed and cut to match the car's database and allow it to start easily. Having a back-up key to start your car is always a good idea, but not necessarily affordable.

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