How to Reprogram a Car Stereo Remote

by Matthew Fortuna

Car stereo remotes allow you to control the controls on your stereo without using the knobs and buttons on the face of the stereo. This will allow you easier access while driving or sitting anywhere else in the car. Reprogramming new remotes or remotes that are not working is a simple process that will take only seconds.

Step 1

Press On, Off, On, Off, On quickly with your remote. Press all five buttons within five seconds to begin programming, and you will hear a small beep from your remote.

Step 2

Press and hold the "Override" button on your remote within five seconds after the first beep, at which time you should hear an additional three beeps.

Step 3

Release the "Override" button after the third beep.

Step 4

Press three different buttons on your stereo remote within the next five seconds, and press and hold the "Override" button once again until you hear another beep.

Step 5

Release the "Override" button and turn your car stereo off. Use your controller to turn the stereo back on to see if the reprogramming has worked.

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