How to Disable a Pacifica Car Alarm

by Matthew Fortuna
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The Chrysler Pacifica is among the many vehicles from the manufacturer that is equipped with alarm capabilities. The Pacifica alarm is used to provide convenience and security for your vehicle, and is most often controlled with a wireless remote that can be added to your keychain. You can disable your alarm in a number of ways, ranging from using your keyless entry remote to disabling the transmitter itself underneath your dashboard or beneath the hood.

Step 1

Press and hold the disarm button on your remote until the alarm turns off.

Step 2

Insert your key into your car's ignition, and turn it to the "ACC" position to engage the alarm system.

Step 3

Consult your Pacifica owner's manual to remove the panels around your dashboard to access the alarm transmitter. The transmitter also might be installed under the car's hood.

Step 4

Press and release the Valet switch on the transmitter multiple times. Continue pressing until the system responds with a chirp and the LED light turns off. This will indicate that the system has been successfully disabled.

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