How to Disable a Viper Car Alarm

by Matthew Fortuna
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Viper car alarms are common on cars around the United States. These aftermarket systems come with a handheld wireless remote you can place on your key chain. You can disarm the alarm system on your car by using your remote or by turning the transmitter off from the system itself. You can disable the system yourself in just seconds from your car, allowing you to rearm the alarm as soon as you are ready.

Step 1

Press and hold the "Arm" button on your remote until the alarm turns off wirelessly.

Step 2

Open your car door, and use the "remote valet" method to stop the alarm. You can do this by pressing the first button, then the second button and the first button again.

Step 3

Insert your key into the driver's-side door, and unlock the car; this will disarm the system on some models.

Step 4

Insert your key into the ignition, and turn it to the "On" position; this will work with most Viper models.

Step 5

Disconnect the wire on the alarm system from the car's power source inside the hood to shut off the system completely.

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