How Do I Deactivate My Car Alarm?

by Greyson Ferguson
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Most vehicles now have some sort of an alarm system built in that comes as a standard feature when you purchase the car. However, you may want to turn the alarm off or completely disable the alarm system on your vehicle. You can do this in two different ways. One just turns the alarm off when it sounds, the other keeps the alarm from sounding at all.

Step 1

Press the "Unlock" button on your car's remote to turn off the car alarm if it begins to sound. You can also insert the key into the car and unlock the door if it sounds before you unlock the vehicle. This shuts off the alarm when it sounds.

Step 2

Find the fuse that controls your car alarm. The fuses are what send electricity to different parts of your vehicle. Open the user manual for your car and look at the "Fuse" section.

Step 3

Remove the fuse that sends electricity to your car alarm. More than likely this fuse is under the hood of your car (fuses found inside your car usually run off the car's battery, however the alarm system works when your car isn't turned on). Your user manual should include a photograph or diagram to show you where the fuse box is on your model of car. You may need a pair of pliers to remove the fuse, because some are rather tough to remove. Removing the fuse disables the alarm until you replace the fuse.

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