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Just because it’s outdated doesn’t mean it’s broken. It Still Runs celebrates old cars and provides resources to those who don’t plan on upgrading any time soon.

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Our Pledge:

Helpful Content – Trusted, Vetted, Expert-Reviewed and Edited.

We write helpful content to answer your questions from our expert network. We perform original research, solicit expert feedback, and review new content to ensure it meets our quality pledge: helpful content – Trusted, Vetted, Expert-Reviewed and Edited.


Our content experts ensure our topics are complete and clearly demonstrate a depth of knowledge beyond the rote. We are incredibly worried about the state of general information available on the internet and strongly believe our mission is to give voice to unsung experts leading their respective fields.

Meet the Experts

Bob Holcomb

Owner of Apex Automotive in Great Barrington Massachusetts

Bob with his wife Jane started Apex Automotive in 1999. The shop was family oriented and a huge success.They have been working together to help build the shop to what it is today. At one point or another all of their children have worked or still work at the shop to this day. Bob and Jane also have both their dogs Kiara and Mater at the shop everyday. 

Tom Brintzenhofe

ASE Certified Master Technician

Tom has spent 15+ years in customer service and the automotive service industry. He was the past private owner of two Automotive Service shops.Tom is an ASE Certified Master Mechanic, he has 15+ years in Customer Service.

Jody Devere

CEO of askpatty.com

Jody DeVere is the CEO of AskPatty.com, Inc, a website, blog, and marketing to women agency providing automotive education to women consumers, as well as training, ongoing marketing support and education, and certifications to car dealers, independent service locations, tire dealers, collision centers, and other automotive retailers.

Sam Zamir

Collision Consultants

Sam specialized as an I-CAR Instructor, an I-CAR Gold Class Shop specialist, an I-CAR Platinum Individual, an I-CAR Certified Welder (Aluminum & Steel), an ASE Certified Master Technician, and an ASE Certified Estimator. Though we have technicians in the shop for all makes and models, Sam is personally factory trained and certified in Tesla, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Audi, VW.

Ryan Ozar

Davis Brothers Tire Pros

At Davis Bros. Tire Pros, our goal is to ensure you continue to get where you need to go in the years to come with a reliable vehicle. We provide the products and services you need to keep your car, light truck, or SUV dependable. Whether it’s installing replacement tires or providing mechanical services, you can count on quality workmanship and fair prices at our local service center.


Our commitment is to provide clear, original, and accurate information in accessible formats. We have reviewed our content for bias and company-wide, we routinely meet with national experts to educate ourselves on better ways to deliver accessible content.


We hope you like reading clear, concise writing as much as we do. We are passionate readers and enjoy de-mystifying the complex for people exploring the internet to learn.


For 15 years our company has published content with clear steps to accomplish the how, with high quality sourcing to answer the why, and with original formats to make the internet a helpful place.

Statement on Artificial Intelligence (AI) Usage

We understand that AI natural language processing has made key strides, we use the benefit every day as we reply to email, as we complete our texts, and when we have the opportunity to provide trusted information, we choose us.

AI helps us in many productive ways. We use NLP models to improve our products by spelling correction and to help our writers discover grammatical errors. Have we gone farther? Yes, we have altered sentences to be gender-neutral. We have analyzed every sentence – millions – and produced a usage library we provide to the public. We have experimented with extractive summaries, key take-aways plucked from our existing text – our readers find them useful. We use AI to make our productivity better; however, we think artificial content does not meet the public standard of trust, expertise, and experience.

A trust standard our longtime corporate partners have held too. No razor cuts your hair without human guidance. Machines have no experience playing golf. They are derived models from aggregated digitized information taken from the real world. Likewise, the current generative text models are taken from our content and the content of other human-first publishers.

As passing off a fake in the art world, so too is today’s word-laundering generative AI a fake. A fake expert that actively harms the public by statistically gaming the public internet.

We provide trustworthy information. Trustworthy information explains the factual, the most up-to-date information at the critical time people need it – when people take the initiative to search for information. We believe deeply in this public service. Helping people take self-directed control of their lives and make them better.

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