How to Remove an Auto Alarm System

by Louis Gutierrez
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When a car alarm fails it can cause unforeseen--and noisy-- problems for the driver. It can even prevent you from starting the car or disabling the alarm horn, creating the ultimate neighborhood nuisance. Sometimes, the only solution is to disable the alarm and remove it altogether. Fortunately, extricating an old or malfunctioning car alarm can be easily accomplished.

The removal process can be universally applied since it's the same for all makes and models, regardless of the manufacturer.

Step 1

Remove the negative cable from the battery with your wrench.

Step 2

Remove the fuse for the car alarm. If you have an aftermarket car alarm, the fuse is located under the steering column and is wired to the car alarm. Use your hands to pull it out. If it is a factory-installed alarm, the fuse will be in the fuse box. Read the car manual to identify the correct fuse. In the case of a factory- installed alarm, removing the fuse will deactivate the alarm.

Step 3

Follow the cables leading from the car alarm and disconnect all the cables that are clipped on. The rest of the cables that are hard-wired can be cut using the wire cutter. Ensure that the cables are the ones leading only into the car alarm.

Step 4

Connect the negative terminal back to the battery with your wrench. Test to see if the car alarm has been disabled successfully. Try using the remote for the alarm. Usually, if your car does not start, it is because you did not cut all the cables.

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