How to Disable a 2000 Beetle Alarm

by Brittany Akre

The Volkswagen Beetle, known as the VW bug, has created newer models that have been redesigned to be more fuel efficient and safer. Newer safety features include the air bag and the car alarm. The new alarm system is vital to preventing car theft. It is recommended you keep your car alarm enabled; however, you may come across issues with the alarm. Many users have discovered the alarm will go off when unlocking their own door, preventing them from starting the car. If you come across this issue you may want to disable your VW Beetle alarm. There are a few ways to turn off and disable your alarm system. Turning off the alarm system in a 2000 VW Beetle requires little knowledge and may be completed by almost any driver.

Step 1

Unlock the driver's side car door. Leave the door open while unlocking and opening car trunk. Go back in your car and start your vehicle while the trunk and driver's side car door are open. This will temporarily turn off your alarm and allow you to start your car. However, this will not permanently fix the car alarm issue.

Step 2

Disconnect wires from your car battery to also temporarily disable your car alarm. Remove the wire connected to main power to disarm your alarm permanently. You must locate all wires connected to the battery and disconnect them to disable alarm. If you are unfamiliar with the wires in your car see a local car shop to purchase the VW Beetle's wiring chart. It is recommended you take your vehicle and have them remove the correct wires for you. Complete reversing of wires until they all have been safely disconnected.

Step 3

Disconnect or cut the wire used for your horn or siren. This will permanently disable your horn. Driving without a horn may be dangerous. It is recommended you disable your alarm using the previous steps. Determine the wire labeled as your "horn siren". Remove the wire to completely disable your horn. Note, you may be able to reconnect your horn wire, however, it is not guaranteed the horn will continue to work.

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