How Do I Turn Off a Mazda MX5 Car Alarm?

by Chanel Adams
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The Mazda MX5 comes with an optional anti-theft system that alerts drivers and deters most thieves and vandals. Even though this added feature is convenient and helpful, it tends to frustrate owners unsure of how to shut it off. An added annoyance quickly becomes a minor problem when familiarizing yourself with the MX5 system and owner's manual. Learning how to shut off the alarm yourself prevents an unnecessary and costly trip to your mechanic.

Step 1

Consult your owner's manual to verify that you pressed the right buttons to turn off your car alarm. Knowing the right distance or position in which to point your remote also makes a difference in properly shutting it off.

Step 2

Insert the key into your Mazda MX5's ignition and start the car. Next, turn your car off and remove the key. Car alarms sometimes turn off automatically after the car is started.

Step 3

Locate the fuse box, which is situated below the steering wheel on the left side of the dashboard. Find the fuse that controls your Mazda MX5's car alarm. Pull the fuse with the needle-nose pliers, a fuse puller or your fingers. Consult either the wiring diagram located on the fuse box cover or your owner's manual to identify the exact fuse that controls your car's alarm.

Step 4

Remove the battery's negative terminal from your car's engine. Identify it by its negative (-) and black color. Removing it shuts off your Mazda MX5's alarm, but prevents your car from starting. Replace or insert the negative terminal back into the engine and note if the alarm shuts off permanently.

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