How to Wire a 6 Volt Horn

by Jean Asta
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Older model cars and some scooters have a six volt power supply for the horn. If you want to install a new horn, you just need to make sure that your existing power supply is six volts. If it is 12 volts, as newer cars have, you would need to have the power supply converted before you could install a six volt horn. Always check your vehicle's owner manual to determine the voltage supply to your horn assembly before attempting to install a six volt horn.

Step 1

Open the hood. Disconnect the negative terminal from the car's battery.

Step 2

Consult your owner's manual to understand where the horn relay is located. You may need to unscrew and remove the steering column cover. Locate the wire going to the existing horn assembly. Disconnect and remove the horn. The horn will be wired to a relay, usually numbered 87, and to a ground wire.

Step 3

Open the new horn assembly and examine the connection. If there are two wires, you simply connect one wire to each terminal where the previous horn was located. If there is one wire, you connect one wire to the relay and one wire to the ground (usually numbered 85).

Step 4

Return the steering column cover and / or fuse box cover. Reconnect the negative terminal of the battery and test the new horn. If it is not working, disconnect the negative battery terminal again and recheck your wiring connections.

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