How to Replace the Fuses in a Jeep Grand Cherokee

by Editorial Team

Changing a fuse in a Jeep Grand Cherokee is the same, no matter whether you have a 1999 model or older, the second generation 2000 through 2004 model or a 2005 or newer one. Replace one in just a few minutes with no tools and no help necessary.

Step 1

Shut off your Jeep before you replace a bad fuse. Find the fuse panel, located on the passenger's side of the car, on the right side and below the dashboard.

Step 2

Open the fuse box and read the list on the inside cover. Locate the fuse needing replacement.

Step 3

Pull the fuse out and look at the silver wire inside, represented by a melted or broken wire.

Step 4

Find a new fuse that has the same rating as the one you removed. Verify this against the fuse box cover or the fuse itself.

Step 5

Put the new fuse in and click it into place. Close the fuse box and check the new fuse to be sure it works once you restart your Jeep Grand Cherokee.

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