How to Replace the Mega-Fuse in a Ford Taurus

by Alibaster Smith

The mega-fuse under the hood of your Ford Taurus is responsible for controlling the electrical current for major electrical components, like your alternator. When this fuse is blown, you must order a new fuse from Ford (or a Ford dealership). When you order the fuse, provide the model year of your Taurus in order to confirm that you have the correct amperage fuse.


Open the hood and locate the fuse box on the passenger's-side fender.


Open the fuse panel cover by pulling up on it. There are two small release tabs that you may have to pry up, but the cover should come off easily.


Remove the two screws that hold the mega-fuse in place.


Pull the fuse off the fuse panel.


Install the new fuse. Installation is the reverse of removal.

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