How to Reset the Antitheft in a 2008 Ford Taurus

by John Smith
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The 2008 model Ford Taurus uses a security system that will sound the horns and flash the lights when an intruder breaks into your vehicle. While that is a great security measure for protecting your Taurus, there are times when you may accidentally set the anti-theft system off yourself and want to reset it. Once you reset the alarm, the Taurus will stop beeping the horn and flashing lights. When you reset the alarm, it will still be set to go off again should someone try and illegally enter your car.

Step 1

Press the Panic button on your Taurus remote if the security system is activated and your car alarm is on. This will turn off the sound, but the alarm will still be activated.

Step 2

Press the Unlock button on the remote within 20 seconds of pressing the Panic button to disarm the alarm system. If you do not have the remote, put the key in the Taurus driver-side door and unlock the car.

Step 3

Turn the ignition to the "3" or Run position by twisting the key clockwise until the ignition starts up. This will reset the alarm so that it goes from activated to disarmed.

Step 4

Close the doors again and use the key or keyless remote to lock the doors again. This will re-arm the alarm system but will not activate it.

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