How to Disable Audiovox Alarms

by Emily Retherford

One of many companies that create aftermarket car alarms, Audiovox offers a wide range of systems designed with different features. Whether your alarm includes trunk pins, a hood alarm or simply alarms the doors, the main wiring is the same. Like other car alarms, Audiovox alarms operate using a key pad. If you lose the key fob it's important to know how to disarm your vehicle manually.

Step 1

Locate the push-button LED switch on the alarm box under the driver's side dash. The small red or black button is used to manually disable the alarm.

Step 2

Put the key in the ignition and turn it to the "on" position. This activates your vehicle's battery, but doesn't start the engine. Press and hold the push-button LED until the LED light stops blinking. Once the LED stops blinking the alarm is disabled until you manually reset the alarm.

Start the car. Then, press and release the push-button LED switch once, to reset the alarm.

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