How to Disable a Taurus Factory Anti-Theft System

by David Clair

The Ford Taurus is equipped with an anti-theft system that immobilizes the engine to prevent it from being started. Using the wrong type of key or attempting to start the engine without a properly coded key activates the system. The system is designed to discourage unauthorized attempts to start the Taurus by preventing the engine from turning over. Once the anti-theft system has been activated, it must be disabled before the Taurus will operate. This procedure applies to the 2011 model year Ford Taurus.

Step 1

Press the "unlock" button on the remote entry transmitter.

Step 2

Insert the coded key into the ignition.

Step 3

Turn the ignition on. The anti-theft light will turn off after approximately three seconds, indicating the system is disabled. Repeat the steps if the light flashes rapidly or stays on for more than a few seconds.

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