How to Bypass the Kenwood 5120

by Matthew Fortuna
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Kenwood CD players and stereo systems feature codes that offer extra convenience and security for your player. You must enter the security code on your system before being able to use it, and this will discourage theft of your player. You can bypass this code in just seconds from your driver's seat, using just the keypad and the remote for your player.

Step 1

Enter your car and insert your key into the vehicle's ignition. Turn the key to the "Acc" position to turn on your Kenwood 5120.

Step 2

Press and hold the "Add" and "Track Up" buttons on your stereo system at the same time.

Step 3

Hold the buttons until the display reads a blank screen with four dashes.

Step 4

Release the two buttons and enter your code using your remote. You can then press "Enter" to start the player.

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