How to Set the Clock on an Aftermarket JVC Stereo KD-S33

by Leonardo R. Grabkowski

JVC, a division of Japan's Victor Company, is a manufacturer of electronics, including car stereos, camcorders and home-theater products. JVC's KD-S33 is an aftermarket stereo unit and CD player for your vehicle. The device features an AM/FM tuner, a 50-watt amplifier, a removable face and a clock display. You can set the clock on the JVC KD-S33 in less than five minutes using the stereo's display buttons and tuning dial.

Step 1

Push and hold the "Sel" button until the "Settings" menu appears on the JVC stereo's screen.

Step 2

Rotate the "Tune" knob, or pres "Skip Forward" until the screen shows "Clock H." Press "Sel" to begin setting the clock's hour.

Step 3

Turn the "Tune" knob or press "Skip Forward" to set the hour. AM and PM are not displayed. Press "Sel" to set the hour.

Step 4

Turn the "Tune" knob or press "Skip Forward" to select "Clock M." Press "Sel," then turn the "Tune" knob or press "Skip Forward" to set the minute. Press "Sel" to finalize the clock's time.

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