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How to Set the Clock on an Auto Jensen Radio

by Megan Mattingly-Arthur

Though the exact features for each Jensen car radio model can vary, all Jensen radio models include a simple digital clock function. Setting the clock on a Jensen radio receiver can be done in just seconds.

Press the "Disp" button on your Jensen radio receiver to bring up the clock on the digital display.

Press and hold the "Disp" button until the clock on the digital display begins flashing.

Use the "Left" arrow button to set the clock's hours digits to the correct current time.

Adjust the clock's minutes digits with the "Right" arrow button.

Note that, after five seconds of inactivity, the changes to the clock will be saved automatically.


  • Press the "Disp" button whenever you want the time to appear on the digital display screen.


  • The clock-setting instructions for Jensen automobile radios might vary by model. Contact Jensen customer support for model-specific clock-setting advice.

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