How to Remove the Glove Box From a Mercedes

by Alibaster Smith

The glove box in your Mercedes can be used to hold small items, but when the glove box breaks, you'll need to replace it with another box available from a Mercedes dealership. Some auto parts stores may carry glove boxes for your Mercedes, however, Mercedes manufactures parts to a very high standard of fit and finish so the best possible replacement may only be available directly from your Mercedes dealer. When purchasing a new glove box, you may also need a separate lock key (depending on the year of your Mercedes) to lock the new glove box as it may have a difference lock that the factory box.

Step 1

Open the glove box and unscrew the 4 screws that hold the glove box in place using a Torx bit screwdriver.

Step 2

Press in on the plastic clips at the top of the inside of the glove box.

Step 3

Slide the glove box up and out of the dash.

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