How to Set the Digital Clock on a Pontiac G6

by Paul Ramone

The Pontiac G6 is a sedan that replaced the Pontiac Grand Am. Manufacturing of the vehicles began in 2004 and incoporated aspects of the Grand Am with new exterior fashioning. The time in each G6 vehicle is posted by a digital display. Changing the display is easy and necessary during daylight savings or if the battery has been disconnected. You can change the display easily by entering clock mode and adjusting the hour and minutes on the display.

Step 1

Press the "Clock" button on the center console in the G6. The hour will flash on the digital display.

Step 2

Adjust the hour by turning the adjustment knob to the left or right. Turning to the left will decrease the hour, while turning to the right will increase the hour.

Step 3

Press the "Clock" button once again. The minutes will now flash on the digital display.

Step 4

Adjust the the minutes to the correct number by using the adjustment knob.

Step 5

Press the "Clock" button to finalize the time.

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