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How to Set a Clock on an Oldsmobile Alero

by Leonardo R. Grabkowski

The Oldsmobile Alero debuted in 1999 and was produced until 2004. It shared most of its components, including its chassis, engine, body panels and interior, with the Pontiac Grand Am. The Alero was available with an optional six-disc CD changer; however, the process for setting the clock is the same no matter what radio the Alero is equipped with. You can set the Alero's clock with or without the keys in the ignition.

Step 1

Hold the "HR" button for three seconds to enter the hour programming mode.

Step 2

Press the "HR" button repeatedly until the desired hour is shown (the radio clock does not differentiate between AM and PM).

Step 3

Hold the "MIN" button for three seconds to enter the minute programming mode.

Press the "MIN" button until the desired hour is shown. After a few seconds, the display will stop blinking; the clock will exit programming mode.

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