Instructions on How to Set the Clock in a Chevy Tracker

by Megan Mattingly-Arthur

The Chevy Tracker is a small sports utility vehicle that was manufactured for Chevrolet and Geo from 1989 to 2004. Though U.S. production of the Chevy Tracker was halted in 2004, the Chevy Tracker was produced in Argentina until 2007 and is still in production in Ecuador. In addition to various other features, all Chevy Tracker models include a user-friendly digital dashboard clock. Setting the dashboard clock in your Chevy Tracker takes just seconds.

Step 1

Locate the "HR" and "Min" buttons on the dashboard panel of your Chevy Tracker. Press and hold the "HR" or "Min" button for two to five seconds to enter the time-setting mode.

Step 2

Press the "HR" button repeatedly until the digits representing hours on the clock are set to the desired time.

Step 3

Use the "Min" button to set the clock's digits representing minutes to the correct time.

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