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How to Reset the Oil Life on a 2007 Honda Accord

by David Clair

The 2007 Honda Accord is equipped with a maintenance reminder that keeps track of the mileage intervals between oil changes. The display on the dash shows a percentage of the calculated oil life to let the driver know when it is time for another oil change. When a service technician changes the oil, they reset the oil life calculator back to 100 percent. If the owner performs the oil change himself, he can reset the oil life manually.

Turn the ignition switch to the "ON/II" position.

Press the select/reset knob until the engine oil life shows up on the display.

Press and hold the select/reset knob for approximately 10 seconds. The engine oil life indicator blinks. Release the select/reset knob.

Press and hold the select/reset knob for another five seconds. The engine oil life resets to 100 percent.


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