Mini Cooper Bluetooth Instructions

by Peyton Brookes
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The Mini Cooper line of vehicles--Hardtop, Convertible, Clubman and John Cooper Works--comes with a convenience option that allows you to incorporate Bluetooth and iPod adapter technology. Bluetooth allows you to communicate with other Bluetooth devices without the cords. As a result, the convenience option integrates hands-free communication and media sharing with the Mini's sound system. You can begin enjoying the Mini's Bluetooth capability quickly by completing a pairing process, which connects your car to your Bluetooth-enabled devices.

Step 1

Turn on the phone or device you are connecting and set Bluetooth to "Discoverable" mode using the Bluetooth settings menu. Your Mini Cooper cannot recognize the device unless it is "visible."

Step 2

Insert the key and turn the ignition to the "On" position. Wait for the controller LED light to blink once.

Step 3

Press "Send/Receive" on the controller. Wait for a beep and say "Setup."

Step 4

Say "Phone Pairing" when the system asks you what you would like to do.

Step 5

Say "Pair" when the system asks you if you would like to pair or delete a current phone. The Mini Cooper system searches for the device you placed in "Discoverable" mode.

Step 6

Press the "Yes" button on your phone when prompted to accept the "Mini HF." Press the "Yes" button again to add the phone.

Step 7

Enter the pass code "0000" using your phone's keypad and press "Enter" or "Accept." Modify or accept the "Mini HF" name. For example, you can change the name to "My Mini" for display during your next pairing session. Press "Yes" or "Accept" to complete the pairing process.

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