How to Activate Bluetooth Connectivity in the 2007 Mercedes E 350

by Matt McGew
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The 2007 Mercedes E350 does not feature built-in Bluetooth connectivity. However, the car's center console offers a pre-installed contact plate that you can use with the Mercedes-Benz cradle adapter with Bluetooth. The first time you use the cradle, you will need to activate or pair the cradle with a compatible Bluetooth cellular phone. After you successfully complete the pairing process, your phone will automatically connect to the cradle when both devices are turned on and placed within range of one another.

Step 1

Locate the passkey on the Mercedes-Benz cradle adapter with Bluetooth. The pass code will appear on a sticker. Write down this number for future reference.

Step 2

Open the center console on your 2007 Mercedes E350. Slide the cradle adapter upward into the contact plate. The cradle will snap into place and make a clicking sound when successfully installed.

Step 3

Turn the key to the first available position.

Step 4

Press the button on the cradle for approximately three seconds. Release the button when the cradle's LED lights begin to flash.

Step 5

Pair your cellular telephone to the Merceds-Benz cradle. Consult your cellular phone's owner's manual for detailed directions about how to pair your phone.

Step 6

Select the "MB PhoneSystem" on your cellular phone from the list of available Bluetooth devices.

Step 7

Enter the pass code, when prompted, on your mobile phone.

Step 8

Wait while your cellular phone and the cradle adapter complete the pairing process. Your cellular phone will prompt you when the process is complete and Bluetooth connectivity is active.

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