How to Play Music on a Bluetooth Car Stereo

by Matt Scheer

Bluetooth is wireless technology that allows you to exchange data between devices. In a car with a Bluetooth stereo, you can wirelessly connect your phone, iPod or other music-playing device to the stereo. Setting this up only takes a few minutes so long as you have a Bluetooth-compatible music-playing device.

Step 1

Turn on your Bluetooth stereo.

Step 2

Look for the Bluetooth icon on the stereo display. The location of this icon will differ depending on your stereo.

Step 3

Turn on the Bluetooth device that holds your music, such as an iPhone.

Step 4

Open the music software on the mobile device or the network control panel where the Bluetooth icon is accessible.

Step 5

Look for the Bluetooth icon on the music device and press the button.

Step 6

Click the source to pair your music device. This should be the name of your car stereo.

Step 7

Scroll through the music on the music software to choose selections.

Step 8

Click "Play" on the mobile device and enjoy your music.

Step 9

Adjust the volume on either the car stereo or the mobile device.

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