How to Use a Pontiac Montana DVD Player

by Leonardo R. Grabkowski
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General Motors produced the Pontiac Montana until 2006. The last few model years offered an available rear-entertainment system on upscale trim levels. Using your Montana's factory-installed DVD player is simple, and the system has multiple audio output options in case you don't want to hear the DVD audio through the vehicle's speakers. The DVD player installed in the Montana is the same system used in every other GM vehicle, making operation universal.

Step 1

Insert your key into the ignition, and crank the engine or turn the key to the "Acc" position to power on the electronics.

Step 2

Grasp the flip-down DVD tab, and pull down to lower the screen. Insert your DVD into the slot.

Step 3

Wait for the menu to load, and then press "Play" on the control panel (or the remote control) to begin playing the DVD.

Step 4

Configure your audio output source. If you want the audio to play through the Montana's speakers, press the "Aux" button on your radio until you see "DVD" on the display. The DVD audio will play through the speakers. Use the primary stereo knob to adjust the volume.

If you want the audio to play through the wireless headphones, press the "On" button on the wireless headphones, and tune them to the proper channel (A or 1). You can adjust the volume on the headphone earpiece.

If you want the audio to play through wired headphones, connect the cable to the input on the control panel; press the headphone symbol to adjust the volume.

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