How to Troubleshoot Jensen Auto Stereo Equipment

by Patrick Nelson
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Jensen automobile sound systems bring connectivity from a wide range of media sources. They also can have high-resolution screens and multiple speakers, and many Jensen stereos come with remote control units. If you're having problems with your Jensen stereo, there are a few things you can do to troubleshoot.

Step 1

Press the "Reset" button if the unit won’t power on. It’s often located on the bottom right corner of the front panel. Turn the car’s ignition key to the “Accessory” position.

Step 2

Adjust the speaker settings to the center position if there’s an excessive audio emphasis to the left or right, front or back.

Step 3

Check that the “Mute” button isn’t selected if there’s no audio output. Install a fresh set of batteries in the remote control if you are unable to deselect "Mute," or if your Jensen stereo doesn’t appear to function correctly.

Step 4

Verify that the video display’s "Automatic Open" feature is selected if the monitor doesn’t open automatically when you turn the equipment on. It should flip open. Look for a control marked “TFT Auto Open” and select it.

Step 5

Check that the iPod video settings are set correctly if you can’t see the IPod’s photos and video on the stereo's screen. Look for “TV Out” in the iPod settings on the Jensen, and change it to “On.”

Step 6

Check that the cables are tight if the iPod or other MP3 player source doesn't appear to be available.

Step 7

Make sure you insert CDs and DVDs the correct way up if they won’t play. The label should face up. Press the “Eject” key for a full five seconds if you get an error message on the display when playing a disc. This will reset the loading mechanism.

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