How to Unlock the Security for an Eclipse CD Player

by Shelby Winchell

The Eclipse comes equipped with a security network. This helps protect the car's CD player and is supposed to be a theft deterrent. If your car's battery died or was replaced, you will have to unlock the radio. You must be inside the Eclipse in order to unlock the radio's security system.

Step 1

Insert the key in the ignition. Turn it clockwise one notch so some of the car's controls turn on, but not the ignition.

Step 2

Press the radio's "On" and "Screen/Text" buttons at the same time and hold both down until "SEC" appears on the radio's screen. After two seconds, the screen will change to read "DISC."

Step 3

Press the "Open" button on the front of the radio. The front panel should open it.

Step 4

Insert the Key CD into the CD slot. The message "SEC" appears. You should have received this CD when purchasing the car. If you don't have this CD, contact your Eclipse retailer for an extra one.

Step 5

Eject the Key CD by pressing the "Eject" button and close the front panel of the CD player.

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