How to Change the Battery on an Infinity Key

by Bob Romanov

Infiniti is a line of luxury automobiles, and as with many high-end vehicles, it is equipped with a remote keyless entry system. The remote control for this feature takes the form of a small key fob. The buttons on the fob control the locks on the vehicle doors and trunk. Eventually the battery will become drained and must be replaced. The process for replacing a depleted battery is simple and straightforward.

Step 1

Turn the fob so the buttons are on the bottom and the smooth back is facing up.

Step 2

Slide the switch on the back to the open position and pull out the metal key.

Step 3

Slide the tip of the screwdriver into the slot where the key was.

Step 4

Pry open the fob with the screwdriver and remove the back panel. Remove the battery with your fingernails.

Step 5

Insert the new battery and replace the back panel onto the fob.

Step 6

Slide the key back into place and push the sliding switch back into the closed position.

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