How to Open a Frozen Lock

by Editorial Team

You leave for work one morning and sigh impatiently when you realize your car is covered with snow. You take precious time to clean off the snow and scrape away the ice, but when you try to unlock the doors, you find that the locks are all frozen. If you don't think your boss would buy that you're "sick," you're going to need to unfreeze those locks ASAP. Read on to learn how to open a frozen lock.

Step 1

Get to the store and buy some de-icer. Of course, you may not be able to get to the store since you can't get in your car. Don't worry, chances are you have something in the house to unfreeze your lock.

Step 2

Spray WD-40 on the lock. This doesn't work as quickly as de-icer, but it should work eventually.

Step 3

Heat your car key with a cigarette lighter or match. If you're not a smoker, maybe you have a grill or candle lighter in your house.

Step 4

Turn the key very gently in the lock and do a happy dance when the car door opens.

Step 5

Get your WD-40 back out and spray the lock, so that it won't freeze again.

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