How to Program a Keyless Remote for My Car

by Matthew Fortuna
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Available as an after-market option on newer automobiles of various makes and models, keyless remotes allow entry, starting, locking and unlocking of your car without a key. Sometimes sold synced and programmed with a car from a manufacturer, keyless remotes can also be bought individually after the purchase and programmed at home through a few simple steps.

Step 1

Sit inside of the vehicle, and close all of the vehicle's doors.

Step 2

Insert the ignition key into the ignition slot without turning the key.

Step 3

Press the door unlock switch and hold it in the unlock position on the door of your car, not on the remote. While holding the lock switch in the unlock position, use the key to turn the car on and then off. Do this two more times for a total of three turns on and off.

Step 4

Let go of the lock switch after the third ignition cycle. At this time, the car doors should lock and unlock one time. This is to signal that the programming of the remote has been initiated.

Step 5

Hold both the unlock and the lock button on your keyless remote at the same time for 15 to 20 seconds. The doors should again unlock and lock to confirm your progress.

Step 6

Turn the key in the ignition to the position again, and with your car started, you will have exited the programming mode.

Step 7

Turn your car off and press the buttons on your keyless remote to ensure that the programming was performed correctly.

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