How to Change the Clock on a Mazda CX-7 GT

by Justin Cupler

Mazda grabbed its share of the compact crossover pie in 2007 with the release of the small and sporty CX-7. In 2012, the CX-7's range-topping Grand Touring trim came standard with a navigation system that included a clock. This clock used satellites to set the time, so there is no way to manually set it. You can, however, change the time zone that the navigation clock uses to display the time.

Changing the Time Zone

To change time zones, press the "Info" button until the navigation system shows the "Settings" screen. Press the "Enter" key up or down to highlight "Preferences," and then press the "Enter" key again. Highlight "Time Zone" by pressing the "Enter" key up or down, then press the "Enter" key to select "Time Zone." Highlight the correct time zone by pressing the "Enter" button up of down, then press the "Enter" key to choose the time zone.

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