How to Replace a Key for a Honda Accord

by Cassandra Scheidies
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Losing the key for your Honda Accord can be a stressful situation. Depending on the year, replacing the key can be easy or difficult. Newer Honda Accords require that the key be programmed. This will cost a little more than simply getting a replacement key. If you have an older model, all you need is the specific information about your particular car to obtain a replacement key. Once you obtain a replacement key, make sure to get a duplicate.

Step 1

Compile the information about your Honda Accord. Locate your vehicle identification number, which is stamped on the dashboard on the driver's side, next to the windshield. Find the title to your car and the proof of purchase.

Step 2

Go to a Honda dealership. Provide them with your information and ask them for a replacement key. They will cut the key at the dealership. The cost will depend on the year of your vehicle.

Step 3

Get your key programmed. If you have a newer Accord, you will also need to have the key programmed at the dealership.

Step 4

Make sure that the replacement key works in your Accord.

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