How to Replace a Mazda Tribute Key

by Matthew Fortuna

The Tribute key on the Mazda is one brand of smart key that can be programmed to a number of Mazda models. These cards feature remotes and keys and they can be used to electronically control your ignition plua a number of other features. You can replace and reprogram the key by going to your dealership and resyncing it in just minutes from your driver's seat.

Step 1

Enter your car with the keys, close the doors and insert a key into the ignition.

Step 2

Turn the ignition "On," then press the Unlock buttons on your remotes and cycle the key in the ignition from "ACC" to "On" three times.

Step 3

Open the door on the driver's side, press the Lock tab on the door twice and close the door again.

Step 4

Wait for the door locks to cycle again, press the Unlock button twice and remove the key from the ignition to end the process.

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