How to Replace a Lost Nissan Car Key

by Ruth de Jauregui
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Replacing a lost Nissan key is not difficult, but can be expensive. If your Nissan was made prior to 1998, then you may be able to have a local hardware or auto parts store copy an existing key. However, 1999 and later year Nissans utilize keys with an internal transponder or microchip. Keys to these vehicles must be obtained through a Nissan dealership, requiring both your vehicle and personal identifications.

Step 1

Look through the windshield on the driver's side. There is a metal strip with a sequence of letters and numbers embossed on it. That sequence is your vehicle identification number (VIN). It is also on the information sticker inside the driver's door, on your registration paperwork and on your insurance card.

Step 2

Call the closest Nissan dealership and ask for the parts department. Explain that you lost your key and need a replacement. Generally, you can order a key by using the VIN. Before going to the dealership, locate your registration, title or loan paperwork. You will need this proof of ownership to pick up the replacement key.

Step 3

Take your driver's license and paperwork to the Nissan dealership. The dealership will give you the replacement key after verifying that you are the owner of the vehicle. It typically costs between $100 and $300 for a replacement key, depending on the year and model of your car.

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