How to Change Time on a Dodge Magnum Car Radio

by Kyle McBride

How you set the time on your 2008 Dodge Magnum depends on which radio you have. The sales code for the radio is shown in small letters on the lower left corner of the faceplate. For sales code "REN," touch the time display to bring up the setting menu. For "Hour" and "Min," touch the corresponding up or down arrow to change the time. Touch "Save" to save the new time.

Sales Codes "REQ" and "RES"

Find the "Time" button on the upper bank of buttons. Press and hold "Time" until the hour display blinks. Use the tuning knob on the right to change the hour by turning it clockwise or counterclockwise to change the hours forward or backward. Once hours are set, press the tuning knob and then set the minutes the same way.

Sales Code "RER"

You don't have to set the time manually on this radio. The receiver gets the time data from GPS satellites, so all you need to set is your time zone. Touch the time display to open the settings menu. If “Time: GPS Time” is displayed, touch “Set Time Zone” then select your time zone from the zone menu. If “Time: User Clock” is displayed at the top, touch “User Clock” at the bottom, then touch to select your time zone. If your time zone doesn't appear in the list, touch "Page" to go to the next page. Touch "Save" to save your settings.

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