How to Set the Time in a 2008 Dodge Caliber

by Leonardo R. Grabkowski

Set the time in your 2008 Dodge Caliber if the system's clock has reset itself or if you need to adjust for daylight savings time. The clock may reset itself if the battery is replaced or simply disconnected for a period of time. Setting the Caliber's clock only takes a couple of minutes using the radio control knobs.

Step 1

Turn the Caliber's ignition on. Locate the "Time" button on the top panel of the radio. It's right next to "P-Scan." Push and hold "Time" until the radio display starts to blink.

Step 2

Turn the "Audio" knob on the right side of the radio to adjust the Caliber clock's hour. Turning the knob to the right increases the hour; turning it to the left decreases the hour.

Step 3

Push the "Audio" knob in to save the changes made to the hour. This switches control to the "Minute" setting.

Step 4

Turn the "Audio" knob either to the right or left to set the minute. Push the "Audio" knob to save the time.

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