How to Set the Clock on a Kenwood KDC MP335 Car Radio

by Leonardo R. Grabkowski

The Kenwood KDC-MP335 is an aftermarket car radio that's available for many cars and trucks. The radio unit comes with a built-in digital clock. If your clock is showing the wrong time, all you need to do is enter the radio's clock-setting mode to correct the time and set the clock. You'll need to set the clock after installing the radio. You may also need to reset it if you've unhooked the battery.

Step 1

Push the down arrow on the control knob located on the right end of the Kenwood car radio. Push it repeatedly until the center display shows "CLK ADJ." Wait about one second. The clock display will start to flash.

Step 2

Push the up arrow on the control pad to increase the hour setting. Push the down button on the control pad to decrease the hour setting.

Step 3

Push the right arrow on the control pad to increase the minutes. Push the left arrow to decrease the minutes.

Step 4

Push the "Menu" button. This saves the time change and exits the clock-setting mode.

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