How do I Program the Radio in a Mercedes?

by Dustin Thornton

Most car radios allow you to save your favorite radio stations and retrieve them with a press of a single button. You can program as many as 10 radio presets on your Mercedes radio. Once saved, you can access the programmed radio stations by pressing the associated preset button. Programming radio stations is a simple task that only takes a few minutes and requires no special tools.

Step 1

Turn the radio on with the "Control" knob. The "Control" knob is located on the left side of the radio panel. This knob is also the volume control.

Step 2

Press the "Radio" button at the top right of the "Control" knob to select "Radio" mode.

Step 3

Locate the station that you want to program into the radio preset using the "Seek tuning" buttons to the right and left of the "Control" knob. These buttons have an arrow with a vertical line in front of it. Alternatively you can press the "Manual tuning" buttons above and below the "Control" knob. These buttons have an upward and downward pointing arrow.

Step 4

Press and hold one of the numeric keys on the right side of the radio control panel for approximately two seconds. Release the button when you hear it beep.

Step 5

Press the button to retrieve the programmed station. Repeat the process, choosing a different numbered keys to program multiple radio stations. Note that you can program up to 10 separate stations, using each of the numbers 0 through 9 as a separate preset.

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