How to Program a Clarion Car Stereo

by Patrick Nelson

A Clarion car stereo may look a bit complicated, but don't let that alarm you. Programming it isn't too hard once you get the hang of it. The preset programming can store up to 24 stations, six for each of FM1, FM2, FM3 and AM. One of the simplest ways to do it is to perform an automatic station store where the radio scans for strong stations and programs them into memory.

Step 1

Press the BND button to select the required band. As you press BND you will be selecting FM1, FM2, etc. BND stands for Band, and that's the radio frequency band rather than a particular band of musicians.

Step 2

Press and hold the Play/Pause button for 1 second or longer. The radio will scan the stations and the stations where the reception is the strongest will be stored. It will overwrite any stations that are already in memory if it finds six strong stations. If it doesn't find six, it will retain some stations from a previous scan.

Step 3

Perform a manual programming if your station was skipped. Press the BND button again and then press an arrow key to tune into the station you want. Press and hold the direct button, it's the button on the far right, to program the station into memory.

Step 4

Press the Play/Pause button. SCN will be displayed and the radio will tune through the programmed stations for 7 seconds each. Press the Play/Pause button again to stop on a station.

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