How to Unlock a GM Bose Radio

by David Clair

Some GM vehicles come with Bose radios that have a theft-deterrent feature. This feature renders the radio inoperable if it is removed from the vehicle. The theft-deterrent feature will also be activated if the power to the radio is interrupted, or if the battery is removed. The Bose radio can only be reset by entering a unique unlock code. If you do not have the code, you can obtain it by contacting a GM dealer.

Step 1

Turn the ignition switch to "ON" without starting the engine.

Step 2

Press the "on" or "power" button on the Bose radio to turn it on. The display will indicate that it is locked.

Step 3

Press the "HR" button repeatedly until the first two digits of the code are displayed.

Step 4

Press the "MN" button repeatedly until the last 2 or 3 digits are displayed.

Step 5

Press the "AM/FM" or "Band" button to confirm entry of the unlock code. The radio unlocks and can be operated normally.

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