How to Program a Ford Radio

by Patrick Nelson
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Despite the proliferation of high-tech in-car entertainment systems -- multi-changer compact disc (CD) players; iPod jacks and apps; satellite navigation; Bluetooth connectivity for music output from a phone; USB and memory stick inputs; satellite radio and high definition (HD) radio bolt-ons; in-vehicle television systems -- the good ol' AM/FM Ford car radio is still a killer system. Nothing beats it for a quick update on the traffic and weather. Plus, for music it has the added bonus of free content.

Step 1

Press the "On" button on the Ford AM/FM radio.

Step 2

Hit the "AM/FM" button to toggle between bands.

Step 3

Select an arrow button on the rocker switch marked "Seek." The radio will find the next strong station up or down the frequency band you chose in Step 2. Or, press an arrow button marked "Tune" to manually change the frequency to one you prefer. The frequency will appear on the display.

Step 4

Program the radio. Set a station into memory. Press a memory preset button and hold it. The station audio will briefly fade. When the audio comes back on, the station will be programmed into memory at the memory preset button you chose.

Step 5

Repeat with the other memory preset buttons to add additional preferred radio stations.

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