How to Use the Radio for the Mini Cooper S

by Charin Deya
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To further enhance the driving experience in your Mini Cooper S, you will want to learn how to use the many accessories that are included with your car. The radio functions were completely updated in the 2007 model year (the R-56 model), and the radio is fairly simple to use after learning how the interface works.

Choosing The Audio Input

Step 1

Turn on the radio by briefly pressing the lower control knob, located under the CD player slot. This knob also controls the volume.

Step 2

Briefly press the "Audio" button.

You will see four audio choices: "Tuner," "CD," "USB," and "AUX." Using the upper control knob, located next to the "Audio" button, scroll until the "Tuner" choice is highlighted. Either briefly press the control knob or press the toggle button under "Tuner."

Choosing A Radio Station

Step 1

On the display, locate the bands "FM" and "AM." Briefly press the toggle button under your choice of band.

Step 2

Press the "M" button located next to the "Audio" button.

Step 3

On the display you will see a small selection of numbers. For FM stations, you will see "1," "8," and "9." For AM stations, you will see "1," "5," "6," "7," "8," and "9." Press the toggle button under the number that corresponds to the first number of the frequency you want to tune in. For example, if you want to tune in the frequency 93.1 on the FM band, press the toggle button under the number "9." After you choose the first number in the frequency, you will be presented with another set of numbers. Press the toggle button under the number that corresponds with the next number of the frequency (in the given example, you would press the toggle button under the "2"). Continue choosing the numbers in the frequency until the radio automatically tunes to the radio station you have entered. You will enter four numbers for any frequencies beginning with the number "1" (for example, 103.5 FM) but only three numbers for all other frequencies.

Alternately, you can choose a radio station by scrolling through the available frequencies. Press the right-facing arrow to tune the radio to higher frequencies; press the left-facing arrow to tune the radio to the lower frequencies. Briefly pressing one of the arrow buttons will tune the radio to the next station, while holding the button down will scroll quickly through all stations until you let up on the button.

Saving and Recalling Radio Stations

Step 1

After tuning to a radio station you would like to save, press and hold the toggle button under a number on the display where you want to save the frequency. The sound will be muted briefly and a check-mark will appear next to the number you have chosen. After the sound returns, you can let up on the toggle button.

Step 2

Briefly press the toggle button corresponding to any number that contains a saved radio station to automatically tune the radio to that station.

Press the toggle button more than once to reveal more choices for saved locations.


  • If your Mini is equipped with radio controls on the steering wheel, the "+" and "-" buttons control the volume while the right and left arrow buttons let you scroll through saved radio stations.
  • In order to use the radio, you must first insert the key into the ignition slot and either start the ignition or switch the car to radio readiness status. See your owner’s manual for further details.

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