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How to Reset a Super Chips Programmer

by Alexander Gokhfeld

The Super MicroTuner programmer allows to download new information to your car computer or store the original stock computer program of your vehicle. The adjustable parameters, such as fuel ratio, injector flow rates, spark timing and automatic transmission acceleration can be selectively modified during the tuning process. If you have used the programmer with the program from another car manufacturer, the Superchips MicroTuner programmer must be reset to return your computer back to the stock condition.


Connect the Superchips MicroTuner programmer to the diagnostic port located under the dash panel of your car. Verify that the ignition switch is turned off.


Press the ">" key on the keypad after the "Begin with Ign. Off" message appears on the screen.


Press the "Yes" key after the programmer displays the "Return to Stock? Yes or No" message.


Turn off the ignition switch and press the ">" key on the keypad after the "Turn Ignition Off" message prompt to start the initialization of the programmer memory.


Turn on the ignition switch after the "Turn Ignition On Do Not Start Eng." message appears.


Press the ">" key after the "Ready to Return to Stock" and "Do Not Turn Off the Ignition!!!" messages to reset the Superchips MicroTuner programmer to the preloaded stock program.


Turn off the ignition switch and disconnect the Superchips MicroTuner programmer from the diagnostic port.

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