How to Change a Scion Radio Display

by GaryNg

Changing the display on your Scion TC Pioneer radio is a simple way to personalize your stereo system with your own welcome message. When the stereo system is turned on, a message is displayed for approximately three seconds. You can be as creative as you want in customizing your welcome message, or you can choose to display a variety of preset messages such as "What moves you?"

Display Customized Message


Insert the car key into the ignition of your Scion TC and turn to the "ACC" position. Turn the radio on and then turn the key to the "OFF" position.


Press and hold down the "Mute" button on the radio and turn the key back to the "ACC" position. When a horizontal line appears in the display, let go of the "Mute" button.


Press and hold the "Preset 1" button and turn the key to the "OFF" position. This step must be performed within 15 seconds after Step 2. A flashing letter "A" should be displayed on the radio.


Use the "Preset 3" and "Preset 4" buttons to cycle through each letter or symbol. Press "Preset 6" to confirm each letter and press "Preset 5" to delete the previous letter. Hold "Preset 6" for five seconds to save and confirm the entire welcome message.

Display Preset Message


Turn the key to the "OFF" position. Hold the "Mute" button and turn the key to the "ACC" position. Let go of the "Mute" button and quickly hold down the "1" button.


Turn the key back to the "OFF" position. The radio should remain on.


Press the "Scan" button to cycle through the preset messages. If you see one you want, hold "Preset 6" for five seconds to save and confirm that message as your welcome.


  • This procedure is for 2006-2010 model Scion TC
  • A maximum of 16 characters can be displayed on the welcome message.

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