How to Enter a VW Radio Code

by Shelby Winchell

Many Volkswagen's have an anti-theft radio. You only need to enter the four-digit code if the radio is removed from the vehicle. You may also need to enter the code if the vehicle's battery is disconnected. Once you determine the code, recommends keeping the code in a safe place other than your VW. All Volkswagen's come with an unlock code specific to your vehicle.

Step 1

Turn the radio on by pressing the "On" button. The display screen should say "Safe" followed by "0001." If you don't see "0001," press and hold down the "Mode" and "Scan" buttons for three seconds until the message appears.

Step 2

Press the "Preset 1" button to program the first number. If you need to enter the number five, you will need to press the "Preset 1" button five times.

Step 3

Press the "Preset 2" button to program the second number in the radio code. Repeat this process by pressing "Preset 3" and "Preset 4" buttons.

Step 4

Press and hold down the "Seek" button on the radio for two seconds until you hear a beep. If you entered the wrong radio code, the word "Seek" will appear on the screen again.

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