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Instructions on How to Reset the Toyota Avalon CD

by David Clair

Some models of the Toyota Avalon are equipped with a theft-deterrent system connected to the CD player. If the CD player is removed from the Avalon or if the connection to the battery is interrupted, the unit locks and may not be used until it is reset. A unique unlock code is needed to reset the CD player. The code is issued with the Avalon at the time of purchase. If you no longer have the code, you may obtain it from a Toyota dealer.

Turn the ignition switch on without starting the engine.

Press the power button on the CD player.

Press and hold the up arrow button. Press and hold the number 1 radio preset button.

Release both buttons when three dashes appear on the CD player display.

Press the radio preset button that matches the first number of the code.

Press the right arrow button on the CD player to move to the next digit in the code. Press the radio preset button that matches the next digit of the code. Repeat until the entire code is entered. The CD player turns off when the last digit of the correct code is entered.

Press the power button to turn the CD player back on. It is reset and ready to use.

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