How to Use the GPS Through the Automobile's Stereo System

by Patrick Nelson
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GPS (global positioning system) receivers can be hooked up to your automobile's stereo system. The setup allows audio from the GPS to play through the car's speakers and be more clearly audible. All of the audio outputs of the GPS can be played, including turn-by-turn directions, phone connectivity and media player sounds, like MP3 music files. Playing a GPS through an automobile stereo system can be accomplished by following a few simple steps.

Step 1

Verify that your GPS can be connected to the automobile stereo system. The GPS generally uses an FM radio signal, so look for designations like "FM Transmitter" or "FM" in the GPS's documentation or packaging.

Step 2

Switch the automobile stereo on, turn the volume up, and choose the FM radio function. You may have to insert the ignition key and select the "ACC" position. Select a frequency on the car stereo that sounds full of static and doesn't have any radio broadcasts occurring on it. The best area in the FM band is below 90.1 MHz. Make sure the static is constant and doesn't surge in and out.

Step 3

Tune the GPS's FM Transmitter to the frequency the automobile stereo is tuned to. Look for a menu item like "Enable FM Transmitter" or similar. There will also be a tuning function within the menu. Garmin's nuvi 700 GPS has plus and minus buttons.

Step 4

Create an event on the GPS. For example, create a route and the audio will be heard through the stereo speakers.

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