How to Install a Stereo on a Motorcycle

by Tyson Simmons
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Having a stereo on your motorcycle can make touring or just cruising the town so much more entertaining. So, rather than just riding in silence, you can listen to your favorite music to pass the time. Installing a stereo system is a great aftermarket option for your motorcycle.

Step 1

Choose a stereo system that is compatible with your motorcycle. Take in to account things like the weather that you usually ride in, as well as how you store your motorcycle when choosing whether your want to purchase a bolt on stereo or a bagged strap on stereo system. Also, choose speakers to go with your stereo system if you do not want to have to plug in a headset or headphones to listen to the system.

Step 2

Bolt or strap the stereo system on to your motorcycle as directed in the instruction. If the system is the bolt on kind, then it should come with all of the required nuts and bolts in its kit.

Step 3

Run standard audio power wiring from the batter under the seat on your motorcycle, up to the stereo system. Run the wiring under the tank; try to conceal it completely. Use electrical tape to secure the wiring every 4 to 5 inches on the way to the stereo. Bundle and tape any extra wiring and tuck it under plastics or framing. Secure, twist and solder wiring ends.

Step 4

Place the purchased speakers as desired on the motorcycle. Use simple angle brackets to place them under plastic ferrings or frame mounts. Conceal them as best as possible and make sure that they are securely backed against some kind of surface for the best quality sound. If they are not completely secure, the vibrations from the speaker can not work properly.

Step 5

Run standard audio wiring from the stereo to the speakers. Again, run the wiring under the gas tank and the frame, concealing it and securing it just like your did the power wiring. Twist and solder the wiring ends.

Step 6

Test your stereo system and make bass, treble and fade adjustments as desired for the best sound. To use headphones instead of the speakers, simply plug your headset or headphones in to the stereo.

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